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How to Increase Your IQ and Brain Power

Having a higher IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is not a sure sign that you will succeed in your life, however it can really help you to facilitate some activities that you practice. There are many things that can inflict your brain power and despite the fact that IQ is believed to remain static during the people’s adulthood there are still some ways in which you can stimulate your brain power in a successful way.


Increasing your IQ is possible if you practice certain activities that are healthy for the brain. Of course, by this we do not mean to take up with the most difficult logical tasks because the pressure that you will experience will not be beneficial for your brain. There are other creative ways in which you can stimulate the increasing of your IQ and brain power and we are glad to introduce them to your attention:

Exercise It has been scientifically proven that people who exercise, demonstrate higher IQ scores, compared to the others. A person who practices a sport or takes part in other activities that includes exercises, helps for the stimulation of the brain cell growth via a process that is called neurogenesis. The individuals who stay fit, stimulate the increasing of their IQ and have a better chance to improve their cognitive performances. The best part is that exercising is absolutely free and you can do this at any time and place, convenient to you.

Play Logic and Strategic Games To Develop Your Brain To increase your brain power, one of the best ways is to play diverse logic games. Solving problems and adapting to new situations is a way to improve your IQ and to train your brain in a suitable way. You can try different games as long as you enjoy them – remember to pick up those that will really develop your ability to draw connections between things. Whether it comes to scrabble, sudoku or any crossword puzzles, the important thing is to keep your brain sharp. The mental efforts that you make are by all means beneficial for the activity of your brain.

The Good Old Reading Reading is a very important activity, if you want to increase your IQ because it stimulates thought and because when you read a book you add new words to your vocabulary. We strongly recommend you to read as much as possible and to enrich yourself with new information. No matter of the the type of the book it is essential to practice the process of reading.

A Healthy Diet? Why Not? According to some researches, healthy diets have an impact on the IQ, especially in childhood. It has been observed that eating processed food is not beneficial for the boost of the IQ. People who eat healthier food have increased their brain power more effectively and demonstrate higher IQ scores.

The level of increasing of your IQ strongly depends on every individual and if you constantly strive to stimulate your brain power, you will definitely achieve success. There are still many activities that can contribute to the developing of your brain activity and we can assure you that if you try these, they will certainly help you. It is clear that cleaning duties are not beneficial for your IQ increase, however, you can try different alternatives that you find appropriate. The most important thing is to feel satisfied with your mental performance and to practice activities that make you feel comfortable. After all, you do not have to be a genius, but to focus on the skills that you could develop.

Written by: Fiona Greyson

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